Missoula County Public Schools will host a celebration of PK-20 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) on Thursday, October 24 at the University of Montana.

The event will showcase the student work and partnership between MCPS, UM and Project Lead The Way. Hatton Littman, Director of Information and Technology for MCPS, said the celebration will be held at the University Center Theatre.

"We received a grant through the Dennis and Phyllis J. Washington Foundation for our PK-20 Initiative, which funds a lot of STEM projects in the schools," Littman said. "This celebration will be happening Thursday evening, October 24, starting at 6:30 p.m. It's really an opportunity for people and businesses in the community to see what we're doing in our high schools, middle schools and elementary schools to increase our science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. PK-20 means preschool through senior in college."

Littman described the purpose of Project Lead The Way.

"It was created by a whole host of national and international companies that wanted to increase the workforce development that's going on in our schools," Littman said. "Companies like John Deere, FedEx, Cummins, and Rockwell Automation have contributed to the curriculum that Project Lead The Way has created. So, we've invited representatives from all those organizations to attend."

Hatton Littman, Director of Information and Technology for MCPS