Missoula School District One superintendent Alex Apostle recently received a raise of nearly $20,000 annually from the county school board.

After several weeks of criticism and controversy surrounding the raise, the board has released the written evaluation of Dr. Apostle to the public.

Board president Toni Rehbein says Apostle's written evaluation will answer many questions as to why he qualified for the increase in his salary. The evaluation states that Apostle has accomplished six key elements that have led to greater education for Missoula children.

Scott Bixler writes that Apostle has increased student engagement, transformed learning environments, supported early innovators, personalized professional growth, enhanced communications, and increased collaboration to make decisions.

The evaluation also states that Dr. Apostle was responsible for the $1.6 million dollar donation to the district by the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation.

The school board was unanimous in its praise of Dr. Apostle's performance, although four of the members voted against the salary increase.

Rehbein writes in the evaluation that 'for the fifth consecutive year, the board voted unanimously to extend Dr. Apostle's contract for another year, making the maximum allowed by law, a three year contract.'

School board president Toni Rehbein