ASUM President Zach Moore issued a news release Monday afternoon stating that Missoula Representative David "Doc" Moore is not responding to numerous emails from students and others requesting that he drop his proposed amendment to the JOBS bill that would strip funding for the Missoula College.

Below, find Brown's news release.

March 25, 2013


Representative Moore Silent as Students
Ask to Halt His JOBS Bill Amendments


Missoula, MT – State Rep. David “Doc” Moore of Missoula has remained silent as students and parents flood the Missoula legislator with emails asking him to reconsider his proposal to remove Missoula College from the JOBS bill.

The Jobs and Opportunity by Building Schools (JOBS) bill is the title for House Bill 14, a bonding bill that provides funding for a variety of education related construction projects around the state.

Although the Montana Board of Regents has identified the construction of a new Missoula College building as its top priority, Moore indicates he will offer an amendment during the House floor debate this week that will remove all funding for the Missoula College project.

When rumors of the proposed amendment emerged at the end of February, Associated Students of The University of Montana (ASUM) in conjunction with the Missoula College Honors Society, Phi Theta Kappa, began an email campaign asking Moore to reconsider his stance. Moore received a barrage of emails from students and parents but in just a few days the emails began bouncing back, apparently blocked.

“Missoula students and parents were very eager to let Rep. Moore know that his proposed amendment completely neglected and opposed their interests,” ASUM Student Political Action Director Aaron Curtis said in response to the high number of emails.

“We’re not exactly sure whether Representative Moore blocked our emails outright or if the high volume overloaded his inbox in some way,” Curtis said. “All we know is that dozens of Missoula College students had their emails bounce back.”

In an effort to ensure student opinions were still considered by Moore, ASUM student lobbyist Asa Hohman presented him with printed copies of all the emails following the student rally at the Capitol in March.

Even with significant push-back from University students and parents, Moore has remained silent and has stated he still will introduce his amendment during the House debate as planned.

“We respect Rep. Moore as an elected official, but he needs to be held accountable for his attempts to strip funding from a project that would stand to benefit thousands of Missoula residents seeking job skills through vocational training,” ASUM President Zach Brown said. “Our city’s economy can’t afford to become less competitive than it already is, and failing to update the Missoula College facility during this Legislative session will move this community’s economy backwards.”

KGVO News interviewed Brown on Monday. That audio is below.

ASUM President Zach Brown