Missoula authorities with the aid of hospital staff captured an escaped convict on Sunday, December 7, after he attempted to escape during a medical visit. The escapee, 25-year-old Stewart Richard Brown, also attempted an escape back on August 30, and will now be receiving a second Felony Assault charge.

"He reported that he had an injured ankle, so he was transported to Community Medical Center by one of the jail transportation staff," said Missoula County Sheriff's Department Spokeswoman Paige Pavalone. "When they got to the hospital they were taking him out of the van and they removed his leg irons, which are essentially handcuffs for your ankles. When he got to the ground, he immediately took off running."

Brown didn't get very far, largely due to his outfit and the quick response of his pursuers.

"He was still in handcuffs, a belly chain, and in full orange," Pavalone said. "People called the police and reported that he was last seen running through yards, and local law enforcement authorities were notified. At one point, it was reported that one of the nursing staff from Community Medial Center actually tackled him to try to stop him."

Pavalone said that officials are investigating to see if Brown ever had an injury to his leg at all, or if the whole event was a trick.

Brown's run for freedom lasted just a few minutes, he was picked up at the intersection of Central Avenue and Central Place, one block north of the hospital.

When he was arrested in August for the random, brutal beating of a man outside of a Missoula bar, Brown attempted to escape while wearing handcuffs and made it about two blocks before an officer captured him.