During their search for a stolen vehicle Wednesday morning, Missoula Police discovered a possible forgery case. Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“Officers received information that two people who had been determined to be suspects in a previous car theft were presently under the Russell St. Bridge on the south side,” said Welsh. “An officer did go down and found the two people who had been described. He was able to identify the male and female and also determined that they were the suspects in the car theft. They were taken into custody.”

The vehicle was searched after they were taken into custody and officers dug up even more dirt on the two suspects.

“At the recovery of the vehicle, the other officers observed evidence inside that seemed to connect or suggest that the two were connected to a forgery scheme,” Welsh said. “Through continued investigation and interview, probable cause was developed and currently the two are in custody being held for felony theft and felony forgery.”

Police arrested 27-year-old Erika Jarvis and 26-year-old Chris Heaton who appeared to be in the process of forging U.S. currency. Welsh says an investigation is ongoing to discover if any counterfeit currency was actually spent in Missoula.