Three teenage males are sought by Missoula police after they were surprised by a teacher who caught them in the act of allegedly burglarizing a classroom at Missoula Sentinel High School. 

Public Information Officer Travis Welsh said the teacher had come back to the classroom after an athletic event, and discovered the three teens.

"At about 10:30 on Thursday evening, officers responded to a report of three teenage boys discovered inside Sentinel High School," Welsh said. "A teacher who had returned after a sporting event discovered two of the males in the hallway on the second floor and the third male in a classroom. He turned on the lights and the boys scattered and ran down the stairs towards the main floor, and eventually exited the building."

Welsh said the three may have been trying to steal a computer from the classroom, but were thwarted when the teacher unexpectedly arrived. He provided a brief description of the suspects.

"The first one is described as being fairly tall, about six feet-one and wearing a gray hoodie with some kind of a pattern," he said. "The second was described as being smaller than the first, between five-six and five-seven, but there was no description of his clothing. The third teen was of medium build, and he was also wearing a hoodie."

Police are working with Sentinel High School Officials to obtain any surveillance footage that might be available, but until then, they are asking the public for anyone who may have information about these three male suspects to contact Missoula Crimestoppers at 721-44-44.

Public Information Officer Travis Welsh