According to Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, Police began a sexual assault investigation after a disturbing call came in at about 3:30 in the morning today, June 4.

"We received a report from a man who communicated that he had got a text from a female acquaintance of his, that she had been "kidnapped" and she was in trouble and she needed him to call somebody," Welsh said. "Through some investigation, we were able to track her down to the 3500 block of Mullan Road."

Welsh says a man describing himself as the girls boyfriend also reported concerns to the police department. Through their investigation, the police not only found the cell phone, they found the girl and two suspects.

"Officers did find her at the intersection of Mullan and Reserve, and they also located two males in a white van that were parked in the parking lot of that location who were apparently also involved," Welsh said. All parties were brought to the station, all have cooperated.  The female that sent the text message was transported to the hospital for an examination. She was then subsequently transported to First Step for a sex assault investigation."

One of the men was a 28-year old from Wyoming, the other male is 22-years-old and from Nevada. Welsh says that they met the 21-year-old Missoula girl at a bar on the north side of town. Police say the men have been cooperative with the investigation and have released while the investigation continues. No arrests have been made.