Employees at a local convenience store in the 1600 block of Russell Street called Missoula police on Friday to report that a customer had dropped a small bag containing a white powdery substance, which they believed to be narcotics.  Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“The customer left, the officer arrived, made contact with the clerk and took possession of the baggie with the white powdery substance,” said Welsh. “Officers were provided with video surveillance as well as a license plate for the customer. The officers were able to track down and make contact with him at his residence where he admitted that the baggie did contain narcotics. They also learned that he was on probation.”

According to Welsh, officers at the residence discovered more evidence that would later lead to additional charges.

“A subsequent search of his residence revealed other evidence in regards to narcotics and narcotic distribution,” Welsh said. “The individual was arrested. Typically in such an instance, the officers may find items that are used to package narcotics and distribute them in smaller quantities.”

23-year-old Joshua Nelson received a criminal possession of dangerous drugs charge and a criminal possession with intent to distribute charge, both of which are considered felonies.