Over the past few weeks, we have been inviting you to nominate your own local military family, or another family, to receive $500 to help out this holiday season with our Townsquare Cares program.

Our winner is Jade Krause! Jade is 20-years-old and her father is Airman 1st Class David Krause, currently deployed with the United States Air Force until June. With her father deployed, Jade's only family is her grandmother, David's mother. Jade's mother died when she was just 17.

Both she and her grandmother struggle to make ends meet and pay the rent on their small apartments and Jade is also struggling emotionally as this will be the first Christmas she has ever had away from her father.

When I asked Jade what wonderful gifts she would buy herself and her dad with the $500, she said she would use it to pay her grandmother's December rent. What a stand up gal! We would like to thank David, Jade and grandma Jeanne for their sacrifice and wish them happy holidays.

Here's the call we made to Jade:


UPDATE: Michelle, who cuts hair over at A Razor's Edge, heard Jade's phone call and donated $100 out of her own pocket, insisting that Jade uses the money on something for herself. Missoula, you all are THE BEST!!