Director Michael Burks of the Missoula Maulers reached out to me last night to have me pass along a message to our readers that he has built a new Fan Page for hockey enthusiasts to receive updates with a simple click of the "like" button.

As most local celebrities and popular people have come to realize over time, Facebook profiles cap out at 5,000 friends. Needless to say, our area hockey team has such a large and loyal following that it only took just a brief while for that limit to be reached. Soon, the teams original profile will vanish and now Mr. Burks' agenda is to make sure that you won't miss out on all the scores, photos, videos and important updates by asking friends to spread the message that he's picking up shop and moving to his new Fan Page.

So, here you go! Click "like" and stay in-the-know with the Missoula Maulers on Facebook! See you at the Glacier Ice Rink!