On Friday, August 14, 24 year-old Everett Neuhaus allegedly crawled through a window into a residence on 23rd Avenue in Missoula, and confronted his former girlfriend, who was with another man.

Appearing via video from the Missoula County Jail, Neuhaus was charged in Justice Court with Felony Burglary, along with misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor partner of family member assault.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Brittany Santorno asked substitute Justice of the Peace Mary Cile Glover-Rogers for bail of $10,000.

"Prior to this incident, the victim (Jane Doe) had broken up with the defendant," Santorno said. "He came into her residence through the window. The defendant found the victim and a male friend laying fully clothed on a bed. He grabbed the victim and yanked her to the floor, and then punched her friend in the face  We request that the defendant be retrained from the residence on 23rd Avenue."

Judge Glover-Rogers, after hearing that Neuhaus was employed and was the caretaker of a minor child, set bail at $10,000.