A Missoula man, Ashley Hughart, was charged in Missoula Justice Court on Monday afternoon for allegedly threatening to assault three young girls with a pogo stick. 

According to court records,the incident occurred on Toole Avenue on Sunday afternoon. The young girls had accused Hughart of rape and then took his backpack. When he yelled at them to drop the backpack, they did so and ran away, with Hughart allegedly chasing after them with a pogo stick that one of the girls had dropped.

Court records go on to indicate that one of the girls' mothers saw Hughart chasing the girls with the pogo stick and yelled at him to stop, at which point he dropped the pogo stick and ran away. Hughart, 36, was apprehended by Missoula police near the Magic Diamond Casino on Toole Avenue, where he was questioned and then placed under arrest.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jordan Kilby asked Judge Karen Orzech for $20,000 bail, and she agreed.

Hughart was placed back in the Missoula County Jail. His next court appearance will be November 5.