Missoula Police arrested 44 year-old John Wilcox on Friday evening after he allegedly struck the driver of a scooter on the helmet with a metal object.

Spokesman Travis Welsh said the incident occurred Friday evening at about 7:30.

"Friday evening near the intersection of Sherwood and Shakespeare streets, we had a report of a male having struck a gentleman wearing a helmet who was riding a scooter in the head with what appeared to be a metal door hinge," Welsh said. "He apparently felt that the scooter driver came too close to him as he was walking down the street."

Welsh said the charges will be determined by the county attorney's office, and could be a misdemeanor assault, or felony assault with a weapon.

"Officers made contact with both males, "he said. "The suspect was identified as John Wilcox. Initially, he was charged with assault with a weapon, and what we're currently evaluating is whether or not that metal hinge striking his helmet created a risk serious bodily injury or death, making it a felony. If we can't reach that threshold, it will probably just be filed as a misdemeanor assault."

Misdemeanor assault carries a possible six-month sentence with a $500 fine, while a felony assault conviction could carry up to a 20 year prison sentence, and up to a $50,000 fine.