The USA Today website published a Top 10 Quirky Landmark List. Some of our favs are the old Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha, WI, the ketchup bottle in Collinsville and the Leaning Tower YMCA.

While Missoula didn't crack the top 10 it does bring up a great question! What is the oddest, quirkiest landmark in Missoula? 

Our nominations:

- Malfunction Junction. While it's not a sight to ooh and aah over, it IS a landmark that is just...plain....quirky. Just the rich history of how the intersections collide is equally fascinating and frustrating for commuters all the same.

- The Red X's. Built nearly a quarter century ago, this quirky downtown sculpture — actually titled “Crossings” — honors Missoula’s railroad heritage. Four 12-foot, 750-pound steel X’s comprise the sculpture, which has occupied the roundabout on the north end of Higgins Avenue since 1986

- Traffic Signal Box Art. City utility frameworks are generally an eyesore for most cities around the nation. Leave it to Missoula to come up with a clever way to beautify our streets with amazing (and quirky) local art displays.

- The Swimming Fish. To young children and immature college students, it’s known simply as a fun thing to climb and play on. But this well-known Missoula landmark is actually a piece of art. The 1989 sculpture — titled “Returnings” — occupies the grassy area just east of the Higgins Avenue Bridge. Did we mention? It's quirky!

- The Peace Sign. The giant white symbol of peace that adorns the side of a grassy hill at the north end of town is actually the successor to the original Peace Sign, which was painted on a microwave panel in the ’80s. The panel was removed in 2001 when satellite technology made it obsolete, much to the disappointment of many Missoulians. The new Peace Sign is accessible via the Waterworks Hill trail, which begins in the lower Rattlesnake area. And it's quirky.
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