When I first moved to Missoula back in 2000, the worst intersection in Missoula (the entire state for that matter) was Brooks, Russell and South - AKA 'Malfunction Junction'. Since the rerouting of South Avenue, 'Malfunction Junction' is no more and that intersection is now one of the best in town. I used to wait at that light for 10 minutes or more, now you never sit for more than a minute or two and I think it made a big difference in traffic flow. Granted, lots of businesses on South Avenue have had a rough few years following the change, but in the end I think it was for the best. Now-a-days, the worst intersection in town has to be Reserve and Mullan. You sit forever, usually have to wait through two lights to get into the turn lane and it's just plain dangerous. I also HATE the intersection at Johnson and South, that light is terrible! The turn signal lasts for about 30 seconds and by the time everyone else gets done running their red light, your time is up and you can't even turn! So, with nice spring weather upon us and pedestrians and bikes added to the mix, I ask you: What is the worst intersection in Missoula? ...most accidents? ...the corner where you're just not comfortable making a turn? ...the light that just always backs up way too far? Let us know below for a chance to win a $20 gift card from Red Robbin!