High-flying point-of-view videos have a unique way of leaving most viewers breathless. Not to mention the inevitable crash landings and close calls with nearby homes and you'll break a sweat.

Drones over Missoula? No. Not really..

Local YouTube user KE3G4N placed a camera into the cradle of a hexacopter and sent it flying from the peak of a small grassy parkl in our beautiful town of Missoula, MT. The hexacopter got off to a few false starts, but once it reached heights to where the toy could be balanced out, that is where the real fun began (around 4:06 in the clip below). The dizzying display of unique aerial maneuvers is a pretty thrilling, and beautiful viewing experience of our hometown.

Before you push play, be warned, you might want to pop some Dramamine. (Oh, and turn the volume DOWN, it's a tad loud.)