What a fun time this was! Missoula, thank you so much for giving us your candid opinions on what you believed was the absolute finest that our little city has to offer in 2011. Make sure to stay tuned to Zoo FM for interviews with the winners, and soon, the 2nd and 3rd place results!

Here, without any further delay are the results for the absolute finest in all of Zootown, according to your input....

Art And Entertainment

Finest Place to Boogie Down and Dance

Elbow Room

Finest Local Artist

Monte Dolack

Finest Local Musician

Koshir (Wapikiya Records)

Finest Local Art Piece

The electrical boxes around Missoula

Finest Way To See A Movie

Carmike 10


Finest Teacher

Lous Hass (Cold Springs School)

Finest Party Band

Tom Catmull

Finest Woman

Kimberley Beatty (The Goodwill Librarian)

Finest Local Celebrity

Heidi Meili (KECI Newscaster)


Finest Place inside to look outside

Snowbowl Ski Lodge

Finest Place To Act Like A Kid

Children s Museum

Finest Place To Grab A Drink

Iron Horse

Finest Place For News


Finest Place To Just Hang Out

Caras Park

Services and Goods

Finest 2AM Breakfast


Finest $.99 Menu


Finest Lunch Between Classes

Staggering Ox

Finest Pimpin' Happy Hour

Harry Davids
Iron Horse
Stockmans Bar

Finest Place To Buy Cheap Video Games


Finest Sports

Finest Coach

Robin Selvig (Women's University of Montana Basketball)

Finest Cheer Squad

UM Football Cheer Squad

Finest Athlete

Chase Reynolds (UM Grizzly running back)

Finest High School Sports Team

Big Sky Football
Hellgate Football

Finest Workout