Ever watched a Hellgate roller derby bout or seen the roller girls skating through a parade and wanted to join? Here's your chance with Boot Camp 2017. Boot Camp is an 8 week roller derby training for new and beginner level skaters. You'll learn fun and intense beginner skills and drills with Missoula's derby players.

There will be an orientation on Wednesday, January 4th at the Sovereign Hope Gym at 1919 North Avenue West. Practice on skates will begin on January 11th and every following Wednesday evening at the same gym. Adults of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend, and it's not just for the ladies, guys, you are invited as well.

The course fee is $80 plus the cost of gear with limited spots available, sign up online or email hgrgmembership@gmail.com for more info.

Hellgate Roller Derby, Inc. (HGRD) is a non-profit organization designed exclusively for the purpose of promoting the sport of women’s and men’s flat track roller derby in Missoula, Montana. The members of HGRD are strong and motivated women and men who train to the fullest of their individual abilities, respect their teammates and competitors, and love the sport of roller derby. Our goal is to promote women’s and men’s strength and self esteem and to create a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among our members.

We embrace women and men of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and skill levels. Our skaters work to increase their skill through discipline, hard work, and focus. HGRD is proud to carry on the tradition of flat track roller derby, and strives to create a physically demanding sport that inspires skaters to embrace their inner strength while entertaining fans and enriching our community.