Montana gas prices inched up another 2.8 cents over the second week of April as the slow, but steady increases continue to make a bigger dent in motorists pocketbooks.

"Prices are averaging about $2.31 a gallon today, up from last week, but still about a dollar under what they were last year," said Petroleum Annalyst Patrick DeHaan. It's been a little bit of an increase here and there, but it has added up. Prices are almost 10 cents a gallon higher than they were a month ago.

As far as big cities go, Missoula seems to be getting the raw end of the deal.

"Prices on the cheap side: Billings at $2.09, Great Falls $2.5, Bozeman at $2.21," DeHaan said. "Missoula is unfortunately not among the cheapest places in the states and average $2.24 a gallon."

Though prices are still climbing in Montana, many are predicting that gasoline will hit summertime lows that haven't been seen in a decade.