The Missoula County Sheriff's Office is warning floaters to lock up their belongings while floating the river this summer. And you might think twice about stashing your keys near your vehicle in attempt to prevent losing them in the river.

The MCSO posted the following on Facebook:

***SAFETY TIP*** Over the weekend, we responded to several reports of items being taken out of parked vehicles along the Clark Fork River. In the East Missoula/Bonner area, it was reported that tubers and rafters who hid their keys near their vehicle had their cars broken in to. Suspects found the hidden keys, unlocked the vehicles, and took wallets and electronics from inside.

So please keep this in mind the next time you want to enjoy the river! Two people reported having hundreds of dollars worth of cash and electronics taken from their vehicle.


It really sucks that you can't even enjoy a sunny day on the river without getting robbed. And if you are enjoying the river the summer, please don't forget your river bag to keep trash from getting away from you.