The web-based dictionary of slang words and phrases known as Urban Dictionary contains nearly 5 million descriptions submitted by its users. To learn the actual meaning behind such words as "swag" and "YOLO", this would be your go-to source. However, when you type the name of our city into its search engine, you'll see that most people don't exactly have the kindest words to share about Missoula.

A wonderful city in Western Montana where you can get high as a kite for $5, bike like a (expletive) maniac and go to a killer house party all in one day. Lots of hobos that are very fun to have casual conversations with, and a pretty decent football team. By far the most liberal town in Montana with the most hot people.
Person 1: "You look terrible! What'd you do this weekend?"
Person 2: "Missoula, man."
A pleasantly boring town in western Montana. It is probably the most culturally diverse town in Montana. The University of Montana is located here, and the general population is obsessed with going to Griz (mascot) football games. Also it is famous for it’s hippies. It has 2 Walmarts. Oh and, a river runs through it.
"We're going to a Griz game in Missoula, and we're going to get totally wasted."
Located in western Montana, a town where dogs outnumber people and are allowed to roam freely and defecate freely throughout the city. More Birkenstocks per capita than any other part of the world.
Tom: "Why are you wearing birkenstocks?"
Sue: "I'm headed for Missoula this weekend."
Tom: "Don't bother shaving."

To take an extremely large and painful (expletive), usually filling the toilet, and any other containers near it (trash, sink, and possibly bathtub, depending on the intensity of the Missoula.)
"Sorry guys. I gotta go destroy the toilet. I think I've got a Missoula coming."

We aren't entirely sure who or why anyone would say such things about our hometown, but it's safe to say that not everyone is a fan. The question is, which definition, if any, closely resembles Missoula the most? Better still, do YOU have a better way to describe our city than what you've read above? Perhaps you can do us all a favor and submit your own definition of Zootown for a more accurate representation.


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