It could be considered more of a trick than a treat this Halloween…Missoula County tax bills will be available beginning Oct. 31. 

"We'll be mailing the tax bills out next week. If you're interested to see what your tax bill amounts are and what your bill looks like, you can go online and look at your tax bill," Chief Administrative Officer Vickie Zeier said. "We usually send them out right around this time for taxes. They usually go out Nov. 1 and are due Nov. 30."

Zeier said because of changes in legislature, the city is a couple days behind, but will extend the tax due date to Dec. 10.

"[On our website], right under the picture of the courthouse is 'Pay Taxes Online' and click on that. You can do a name inquiry or use your tax ID number and look up your tax bill," Zeier said. ""

To make any tax changes or updates before the Dec. 10 deadline, call is 406-721-5700.