Missoula County’s Community and Planning Services department is asking for community input on how to provide places for people to live, work and recreate all while protecting what Missoulians most value about the county. Nancy Heil said for the past year, Missoula County has been working to update that policy.

"We have a set of draft action strategies. They're grouped in three broad themes of landscapes, livelihoods and communities," Heil said. "What we're doing right now is just asking folks to give a quick 'Yes,' 'No,' or 'Maybe,' on them and we'll be taking that input and preparing a full public hearing draft of the entire growth policy that will move on to a public hearing with the planning board later this fall."

Heil said with community input, staff will be able to determine whether strategies are appropriate to achieve the county’s development and conservation goals as it continues to grow.

"The other piece that will be there is a timeline for 'Here's the actions that we are really doing and are ongoing now,' and 'Here's some shorter term ones,' and 'Here's ones that will happen further down the line,'" Heil said. "In terms of cost, some of that will depend on setting priorities for work plans among various county staff."

Heil said there are four open houses across the county including Orchard Homes, Frenchtown and East Missoula. The public can participate any time between 4:30 and 7 p.m. at the following locations:

• Orchard Homes, Monday, Oct. 5, Orchard Homes Country Life Club, 2537 S. 3rd W., Missoula.

• Frenchtown, Tuesday, Oct. 6, Frenchtown Fire Station, 16875 Marion Street.

• East Missoula, Wednesday, Oct. 7, former Mount Jumbo School, 735 Michigan Avenue.

• Lubrecht, Thursday, Oct. 8, Lubrecht Experimental Forest Conference Room, 38689 Highway

An online survey is also available for public comment.