There were nine DUI arrests made over the weekend (November 9 - 10) by Missoula County Sheriff's Department deputies, and in two of those cases the individuals involved fought back against the arresting officers leading to more severe charges.

Missoula County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Paige Pavalone said the first incident occurred on Saturday on Highway 10.

"The first deputy made an initial traffic stop on a vehicle that was speeding and then swerving into the oncoming lane of traffic," Pavalone said. "When he went to place the individual under arrest, the arrestee kicked the deputy in the leg. After the arrestee was in the patrol car, he continued acting really irrationally during transport to the jail. He even tried to kick out the windows to the car."

A similar incident occurred on Sunday, again on Highway 10.

"It was another traffic stop for DUI," Pavalone said. "When [the deputies] went to place that individual under arrest, he also went on a fight with deputies. It took two of them to subdue him. He kicked three of the deputies, and then at one point during the officers' report, he tried to retrieve the gun out of the holster of one of the deputies."

In both cases, what would have been misdemeanor charges for driving under the influence escalated into felony charges. Bond for a single felony assault on a peace officer is $50,000. By comparison, bond for a first-time DUI in Missoula County is $685.

On Tuesday, November 12 Stephen Wayne Farley who was accused of attempting to retrieve a deputy's gun and appeared in justice court on three charges of assaulting a peace officer, as well as multiple misdemeanor drug and alcohol charges. The felony assault charges alone pushed the bond price up by $150,000.