This is something that almost anyone in Missoula could ever need. Think about it, "American Horror Story" is on, you don't want to miss a single second...but you have a craving for some chips and fun dip. What do you do? Call this man.

The man you see on a motor bike and a green beret around Missoula? This guy isn't just cruising around for no reason, he delivers for a living. For cheap. Like, for real cheap.

Deliver what? Anything, as long as it A) fits on a bike and B) is legal. We are talking groceries, packages, and yes, even chips and fun dip.

The best part? The guy does it for less than $5. In fact his deliveries start at just $1.

Just so long as you give him an address he will deliver. Genius. I mean, it's nothing new, really. But it IS cheap. That's why it's genius.

So, again, as long as it's legal this guy will deliver and he claims to have a 30 minute delivery time. Wow. We are soooo putting this guy to work soon.