My very talented husband builds raft trailers and frames for a living. He is one of many local small business owner’s making a go of it in Montana. He is also a seasoned guide. No, not a rafting guide, but a fly fishing guide. I have to admit after watching this video I’m glad that my husband rows boats down lazy Montana rivers taking people fishing than fighting against the nasty white water of the Lochsa River.

It seems that there are some very brave or possibly crazy people who love to brave the Lochsa River over Memorial Day weekend. Apparently it’s not just for thrill seekers, but also for spectators or possibly just for those who want to witness whether their loved ones survive the ride rather than hear about it later.

I don’t think I could ever muster enough courage to throw on a helmet and a life jacket, jump in a raft, grab an oar and paddle my way down the Lochsa River in the peak of the runoff. I just like living and having my body in one piece for some reason.

To those who are making their way to Idaho this Memorial Day weekend, I wish you good luck. Be sure to hug your families before you leave and tell your mothers you love them.

 Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.