Decker West was begun in June, 2010 out of a desire to further serve customers by expanding its footprint in the western United States, the company already being strategically positioned in the Midwest and Eastern portion of the country. Its new terminal location provides visibility and easy access to I-90.

In less than 4 years of operation, the newly formed Decker West went from a single truck driver to its current status of employing 200 truck drivers and 20 staff members based out of Missoula, Montana.

"We chose our Missoula location because the area boasts such an abundance of quality personnel who have a heritage of transportation experience," said Lonnie Wallace, Decker Vice President of Reefer/Van Operations. "We're thrilled at what they've been able to accomplish in such a short time, especially considering that the division has continued to grow despite the tough economic environment."

Congratulations to Jerrod Schmauch and his staff for their outstanding efforts in launching the new Western Division.

Questions You Can Ask Decker Truck Line:

Ask about these things before driving for anyone else! Can they commit to this?

  • Even as Decker Truck Line grows, they have been able to keep the tight family atmosphere. Drivers are able to bring their concerns to them and they are able to address them.
  • Great equipment and staff. Everyone here will make an extra effort for someone else.
  • They are not looking to replace current drivers, they are looking to keep the ones they have and continue to grow. They all realize the importance of each of their drivers and how they need them to succeed; I think that helps their drivers go the extra effort when they need them to. They know they appreciate them.
  • Communication. All modes and avenues of communication are open from the Terminal Manager to the shop to customer service to driver services to driver managers to safety.

How far do you go?
Decker West runs from the West coast to the Midwest and back.

How many miles do you drive?
Here are some of the benefits, call for more details:

  • Up to $4,000 sign on bonus
  • Great benefits, excellent equipment, top notch facilities and staff, with superb stability since 1931

How much can you make?
Earn 55-60K per year, per driver
Call today for details 866-707-7893