Last week my wife Savannah and I were in Las Vegas, so we couldn't make our bowling league on Friday nights at Westside Lanes here in Missoula. So, we had to make up for last week and we went last night. Little did I know going to the lanes last night I was going to hit the best shot of my life. It wasn't a 7-10 split but not too far off.

The pins were 4,7, 6, and 10. Or, the big 4! I knew this shot was going to be difficult as soon as I saw the split after my first ball of the frame. To be honest, I always try to pick them up but luck was on my side last night. I threw my ball extra hard, it hit the 4 pin first then the 4 pin smacked into the 10 pin which ricocheted across the lane to knock over the 6 and 10 pins. The guys bowling next to us got more excited then I did. I think I was in a little shock that I was lucky enough to pull that off. The even better part is that there were people there to see it. I might not ever have another shot like that but at least I got the big 4 once!


    Big Sky View of Bonner & Milltown