Last week, I shared with you that I had found a wedding ring in the parking lot at Grizzly Grocery and asked for your assistance in finding the owner. Well, I got a call today from a tearful and emotional woman, who we will call Jane for the sake of the story, who described the ring and it was a match! She even went so far as to bring me a photo of her wearing the ring for proof.

Turns out, Jane had decided to go rock climbing for the first time in, like, a decade. So she placed her platinum wedding ring in her coat pocket. She then visited the Tagliare deli next to Grizzly Grocery and was running some errands when she realized her diamond and sapphire ring was not on her finger, and, not in her pocket.

Jane panicked and searched for it, but assumed that somebody and found and kept it, or that it was simply lost in the snow forever. She sadly explained what had happened to her very forgiving husband, who was just grateful that she didn't have worse news. Then she left a note at Grizzly Grocery in case somebody turned the ring in to them.

And that's how she found out that I may have her ring. We had a wonderful conversation about music and family, and I know how I would feel if I lost my wedding ring, so I could empathize with her situation. Jane shared that she is originally from New York, but has been a Missoula resident for 20 years, and is employed as a professor at the U. She also said she absolutely could not believe she was reunited with her ring and that it was a "very Missoula" thing to happen.

Honestly, I was just grateful to have found the owner, but she kept insisting on paying me a cash reward. So we finally agreed that the best way to show her gratitude would be to donate to KYSSmas for Kids, and that's when she handed me a check for $250 to take even more underprivileged Western Montana kids Christmas shopping this weekend! I was blown away by her incredible generosity and am happy to have met such a rad fellow Missoulian.