(UPDATE 9/19/12) As of this morning, the page has shut down. No reason was given.

Do you log into Facebook just to see what the latest drama is? Then this new, and extremely controversial group may be just the thing. But at what point do we draw the line between honesty, and downright slander and bullying?

A new Facebook group that just sprouted up today, known as "Montana Cheating Offenders" is spreading like WILDFIRE all over the Missoula network with already 312 members at last count. (UPDATE: 482, just within the past ten minutes. Geez..)

It's mission: To call out Montana locals who cheat on their significant others.

Shunned individuals who have a vengeful streak and want to put their trifling man or woman on blast for all to see are encouraged to upload a photo (in an anonymous fashion) to an email provided on the page along with a description explaining how, or why they cheated. As it stands, an enormous amount of photos of local Missoula-area "cheaters" have been posted. And the sad thing is, I recognize many of them. Yikes.

So far, the reaction of it's members have been mixed. Many visitors making light of the group, others severely offended. Really, who's to say that that person wasn't a cheater? It makes me wonder: how legal could this possibly be?

I'm no lawyer, but I have had my fair share of situations where someone posted some unflattering images or statements about me. And while I did everything in my power to stop the opposition, my advisers have told me time and time again that anyone can get away with whatever they want when stating their opinion about someone else. Right or wrong, anything is practically free game on the internet. Within reason, I suppose. Heck, if someone can post photos of Kate Middleton naked and get away with it...

Still, in this DJ's opinion, it does veer slightly towards the edge of cyber-bullying and can ultimately do more harm than it is worth. My fear is that anyone who participates in this group will be overwhelmed with a soon-to-be-fleeting feeling of revenge, followed shortly after by guilt, and possibly harsh repercussions. In all honesty, what good could actually come of this? Except, well, knowing that that person MIGHT be a cheater. Either way, the site is up. And for now, there is not much else we can do do about it then to pose questions and bring up conversation about the existence of this group.

Just don't be surprised if you find yourself on this page if you had a little fun on the side.


Can a site like this even be allowed to exist? Have you ever been tempted to call out someone who's cheated on you? What was the result? Is this group considered cyber-bullying? Sound off in the comments below.