When you think of "snobby," you think of a snotty heiress getting out of her Mercedes at a Hollywood premier. But what are the snobbiest towns in Montana? The folks at Roadsnacks.net are back at it again, with a study on the snobbiest towns in Montana.

How did Roadsnacks come up with these results? They looked at median home price, median household income , percent of population with a college degree , private schools per capita , theaters per capita, and art galleries per capita. (In all cases, higher is snobbier.)

According to the calculations, the results for the top 10 snobbiest are:

  1. Red Lodge
  2. Whitefish
  3. Bigfork
  4. Four Corners
  5. Montana City
  6. Lolo
  7. Helena Valley Northwest
  8. Big Sky
  9. Frenchtown
  10. Lakeside

What landed Lolo at #6 and Frenchtown at #9?

For Lolo, the UM grads and Median household income were the deciding factors. With a median income of $60,293 and a 27% rate of college degrees, Lolo claims #6.

For Frenchtown, the number of grads and median income also played a huge factor, as well as their smaller size. With a median income of $87,293 and a 18% rate of degrees, Fenchtown claims #9.

Check out the full list of snobbiest cities in Montana, from the folks at Roadsnacks.net.