If you follow me on Facebook, odds are you may have noticed my undying love for two things: DJ'ing, and my iPad. Now, a new upgrade has just been released for Virtual DJ, the software I've been using at clubs for the longest time. With this new app for my Ipad I can finally bring the best of both of these worlds together. Downloading this $10 app may have finally brought my two favorite things together but it also, in a surprisingly indirect way, brought me much closer to my dance floor than ever before...

That's me at a Harry Davids bar with some patrons just messing around with music from afar, that's all...How sweet is that?!? Each Wednesday I host a night at this local lounge where I go to individual tables and allow each person in the audience to select a song. This essentially takes the guess work out of the DJ's job...See, when you're a DJ hiding in a booth it can be VERY hard to guess what kind of music your audience wants on any given night. One night it could be Hip Hop, the next minute Heavy Metal, it just depends on the type of crowd you entertain. Yet, unless you are a total mind reader the common DJ would never know exactly what songs his crowd REALLY wants to hear at that given second. That old way of DJing, at least for me, is officially out the door.

This new wireless DJ freedom really allows me to get out and mingle with my audience. It's sure to be a ton of fun when I host a big wedding this season where I can let the bridesmaids and groomsmen be a part of the action. I can't see this concept really take off at a big and busy nightclub, perhaps better suited for intimate bars or house party atmospheres. At least all the DJ's now, now matter where they spin can make a quick break for the bathroom and not feel like the music is being unattended.

My favorite part is that Virtual DJ allows iPhones and iPads (and soon even Androids) to "dual" with the playlist. In other words, more than one wireless device can control the flow of the music. It might get a little messy, you know the whole "too many cooks in the kitchen" rule (plus, I'm sure alcohol might make for an annoying DJ or two). But still, if you ever come to one of my events, make sure to download a copy of this app to your device so we can do a little musical tag team magic!

So, what do you think? Is wireless crowd-sourced DJing the future of music at your local bars and house parties?