When Tim Taunt and his son Jon at A Nickel's Worth pawn saw the surveillance photo of the Palmer's Drug suspect on Monday, they knew he looked very familiar.

Taunt says he asked his son to pull up the pawn shop's own surveillance video, they immediately recognized a man who had come into the store that very morning. In fact, the man was wearing exactly the same clothing as the photo from the Palmer's Drug robbery.

Taunt then called the Missoula police department and detectives contacted the suspect, who was then brought into the station, where upon being questioned, confessed to the crime.

A search of the 22 year-old man's residence turned up evidence from the robbery.

Taunt says he has assisted local law enforcement many times in apprehending those involved in property crimes, especially when they take in merchandise that could be stolen or suspicious. Taunt says he believes it is his duty to assist whenever he can.

Tim Taunt of A Nickel's Worth pawn