Producer, promoter, party animal.

Logan Foret is one of Missoula's premiere artists who proudly supports local and national electronic artists. When he's not nose deep in the books studying at The University of Montana with a focus on nature based tourism and recreational management, he's packing venues with the help of his dedicated crew members.

Perhaps you attended Disco Bloodbath? Prostep at the Wilma? Foret was just one of the many people involved, and the future looks bright for this local promoter. With Chali Tuna of The Jurassic 5 set to take the stage soon here in Missoula, odds are you'll find this cat running around behind the scenes to ensure that we all have a great time.

Let's not forget, Logan is also responsible for taking DJing to the next level with his unique live-remixing capabilities with the help of Ableton, his midi-style drum pad, sequencers and partner in crime forming the team known as Ebola Syndrome. Something he goes more into detail about in this exclusive Zoo FM interview along with The Tallest DJ in America.


Get to know more about Logan and the future of the Bassface Production crew in this interview.