Making friends at a festival is the whole point of a festival. You are there to connect with the music and each other! Sometimes, love just finds it's way into such occasions in the most colorful ways...

A mfw on Craigslist posted the following the day after the Missoula, Montana 'Life in Color' Paint Party over the weekend.

I don't know a thing about you, and I don't think I really could have asked if I wanted too. The music was loud and great, and we were both soaked. We were on the right side of the arena. We were just dancing for a while, and I got a little gutsy and we danced with a little touching.

The more I read this real classified listing, the more I became convinced that these two need to be together. I mean, just read the description!

You're slim, around five foot five because I could fairly easily see over you, and you had dark hair that falls somewhere over your shoulders. Who knows with how that paint dries. You were also wearing very short shorts, but I couldn't see them.

I'm five nine, dark hair, and looked a total mess in paint that only got worse as the dancing went on. I never wiped any of it away, unlike you who turned around every time it tagged you in the face.

Is it me? Am I looking to deep into this? These two sound ADORABLE.  We need to arrange some reunion of some sort. Double date? Seriously, this was too cute not to share. Sorry, to put it on blast (whoever!) but we just can't help it. We love stuff like this.

I'm not by any means endorsing this unity. After all, this is Craigslist. A LOT of weirdos out there...but you have to give the guy some credit. He paints a good story.