As of this morning, the Alex Camp Road Fire was the largest fire in Montana covering about 5,700 acres. Despite the density of the fire, Bureau of Land Management Public Information Officer Jonathan Moor says there are no roads closed and no structures harmed at this time.

"There was one point where the fire did pass over the road, however, that didn't cause any significant problems," Moor said. "It's a fairly remote area. There’s very little traffic out there, it’s a gravel road, and few folks go out there for recreational purposes to get to the marina. That’s about it."

Moor says the weather this weekend was the reason the fire spread, but also the reason that the 132 firefighters on scene were able to start containing it.

"The winds on Saturday definitely made things more difficult and caused it to expand Saturday evening," Moor said. "Fortunately, Sunday there was cooler temperatures and an afternoon rain that helped slow the progress of the fire. That gave firefighters a chance to get ahead of things, regroup, and get to the point where the fire was more manageable."

The fire is currently 35 percent contained, and has been believed to be caused by lightning.