A Lake County man, Harry Lozeau, has changed his plea of guilty for shooting his brother last summer, and will now face trial.

Lake County Attorney Steve Eschenbacher said officials had reached a plea agreement with Lozeau, 53, but complications with the judge over the time he would serve before parole caused him to withdraw the guilty plea.

"We had reached a plea agreement, mainly based on the fact that he would serve 40 years," Eschenbacher said. "We anticipated he would be eligible for parole in 12 to 15 years. The judge decided that was inadequate, and he wanted to make sure Harry would serve 20 years before parole, which means he'd be about 74 before being eligible for parole. Because the judge threw out the plea agreement, he allowed the defendant to throw out his plea. Based on the defense attorney's busy schedule, we won't be able to get him to trial until September 14th."

Lozeau originally entered a guilty plea to shooting his brother Terry to death in June, 2014.