A new album is on the way for Lady Gaga, who’s hot-off-the-press single “Applause” is dominating airwaves across the country. She has emerged a new person since being sidelined by an injury in 2012. Lady Gaga opened up about taking a more minimalist and artful approach to her music. “This is not a sprint, this is a marathon. I intend to be in music for the next 30 years, so I have to pace myself.”

It’s been a challenging year for Gaga. After a show stopping hip injury, she was forced to take a step back, cancel her “Born This Way Ball” tour only 80% through and rehabilitate her overworked body. Rest and relaxation isn’t something she likes. A self-admitted work-a-holic, Mother Monster feels most herself when she’s working, creating and entertaining. She opened up about the difficult time, "I felt dead. When I'm not on stage, I don't feel alive." She admitted, "I'm a go-on with the show kinda girl…when I'm on stage, I don't feel the pain. The adrenaline really numbs me…”

Her latest single “Applause" from upcoming ARTPOP album, set to hit shelves November 11th, has been received by fans with exceptional enthusiasm. It’s easy to see that Gaga lives to please her “Little Monsters”. She revealed, “We wanted to really show the beautiful avant garde of minimalism …… For this album I had to face everything I didn’t want to face, I had to feel pain…. I really wanted to take off my make-up and force myself to pierce the lens without everything else to protect me.”

Check out Lady Gaga’s music video for "Applause" here.

Lady Gaga will be opening the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday, August 25th.