Tying flies (or flying ties as we gals like to call it) is not only a great way to spend some time in the winter but also a great bonding experience as well. 

I have spent a majority of my life connecting and spending time with men. It may be because of my hobbies and natural independence or my make-up that gave me the draw towards that lifestyle.

Then something amazing has happened! To me it's really been more visible the last few years and even more so in the year... ladies are fly fishing! Wait a minute... we have always been out there, fly fishing and tying flies, but only recently has it been more publicized.

So when an awesome lady approached me about maybe doing some tying of the flies for a ladies night, I was immediately interested! Knowing that women are into more then just fly fishing but actually learning more about it and the basics which are the flies.

Women shouldn't be afraid to try something new or something that has been mainly populated by men. Also to the ladies out there that are fly fishers, I urge you to befriend a fellow female fly fisher and actually invite or attempt to fish together.