Have you got some ink that you are not so proud of? Don't lie, everyone has at least one piece of work that they regret even if it is the slightest bit. If you have always wanted to cover up the tat or just turn it into something rad, then now is the time. Thanks to our girl Lacy Z from the new Ink and Paint Club, you can get your ink covered up and turned into something you will LOVE. Enter now for your chance to win a cover up for free. Check out just a few examples of listeners who have already entered the cover up contest.

To get an even better idea of how Lacy Z's Ink and Paint Club can take your ink from "meh" to "Booom!" check out the cover up job from a satisfied customer

Enter NOW before it is too late. Submit your photo for a chance to get your piece you regret transformed into a piece of art.