Just want everyone wants to do with their long weekend, work on chores around the house! YAY! Ok, not so much. But we all love the part when we get to look at how much we have accomplished. With being so busy this summer, Savannah and I have talked about redecorating our bathroom and we finally took the time to make it happen over the weekend.

Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins

I don't want to make it seem like I did as much work as Savannah, because I will be the first to admit she put more effort into it than I did. Although she did get to choose the decor, which of course I had no idea about. She decided to decorate our bathroom in more of a sea-theme but more focused on Manatee's. She really loves the cow of the sea.

Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins

Here are some of the accomplishments although we still have some touch-ups and some clean up to do in the bathroom.


    Grizzly Bear Bath Time