If you're staying in town for the 3-day weekend, you might consider stopping into Al's & Vic's for a beer or 5 on Labor Day. What? You were already considering that?  How did we know!?

If you've spent any amount of time at Al's, you are familiar with their legendary bartender, the humorous and lovable Joe Hammond. He's put up with my drunken shenanigans on many occasions, the guy's got the patience of a saint!

Now Joe needs our help. Joe was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer this past spring.  He has been through all the treatments that Western medicine has to offer and is now embracing more holistic therapies. Joe has the chance to participate in a treatment that uses your own blood to boost your immune system naturally.  It has a high level of success even in Stage 4 cancer patients. But it will cost $50,000 for one year of treatment and is not covered by Medicare or insurance.

We need to keep this Missoula icon around as long as we can! You can donate to his fund online or stop into Al's on Monday, Labor Day, to have a drink with Winter and Adam who are donating all of their tips to the fund. How can you resist a drink at Al's for such a great cause?