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Here's a little known local fact about one of the biggest stars in pop music today.

According to a recent article posted by the authors at Complex, back when Macklemore was in town to perform at the Wilma Theatre, mega-producer and X-Factor judge L.A. Reid flew into Missoula to meet the up and coming rap star along with his friend and producer Ryan Lewis. While it's unclear if the meeting was before or after the sold-out show, Reid did attempt to convince the duo to sign with him and his very successful record company in our town! At that point in Macklemore's career, his album was No. 2 on the iTunes charts.

"I'm really happy that we did it independently, and we are going to continue to go that route. If there is something that makes sense, like I've always said, at this point it completely remains independent. L.A. Reid was super cool, his team was super cool. It was really dope that an icon and legend like L.A. Reid would fly to Montana, that was just super humbling." - Macklemore

Needless to say, the artists "politely declined."

See the video (courtesy of our sister station Power 98.3) where Macklemore references Missoula and Montana often in this exclusive backstage interview.

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