Earlier today, we posted an article about how many switchbacks the hiking trail on Mount Sentinel has. And of course, being the resourceful "journalists" that we are (read: minimal wage disc jockeys with a blog), we went to web for the answer. According to numerous local online sources (some too closely tied to our community to put on blast), the overwhelming answer was...11.

Because, you know, if it's on the internet it just HAS to be true.

Turns out, that was not the case.

Facebook lit up this morning with Missoulian's attempting to correct our amateur research, which we've since omitted - because the most popular news anchor in town - KPAX's very own Jill Valley - set foot to blaze a trail up to the "M" to prove us all wrong.

First, before we show you the documented evidence, let's define an actual switchback. According to Google's dictionary:

A 180° bend in a road or path, esp. one leading up the side of a mountain.

That being said, we aren't talking about how many paths, or hills we must climb to reach the "M" atop Mount Sentinel. We are talking about switchbacks... And that's where Jill steps in...

And there you have it, Missoula.
The official amount of switchbacks on Mount Sentinel is... 13.

We were wrong, they were wrong, and Jill Valley just officially pwned the internet.

Note to all online editors: Might want to double check your facts, because when a REAL journalist investigates... look out!