KGVO News has obtained emails from the Prospect Meadows homeowners association, warning of vehicle break-ins.

This is the same neighborhood where German exchange student Diren Dede was shot while trespassing in the garage of Markus Kaarma almost one year ago. Below, find two email messages.

From an upper Prospect homeowner:

A few weeks ago, at about 12:30 at night my door bell rang.  I went to the door, obviously did not open it. Figured it was kids.  Then about 10 mins later, it rang again.  I then called the police.  The officer on duty called me back and said he would canvas the neighborhood during the night, advised me to turn outside lights on (which we don't do at night) and gave me his cell number in case I needed immediate help.  We both agreed that it was more than likely kids.

However, last weekend, Friday night, as I was going to bed, I heard a car right in front of the house,  I looked out the window and saw 2 people exit the car and were standing on the side walk.  I turned the bedroom light on so they would know that someone was watching, the car drove away, and the two people just stood there.  I woke my husband, he went outside to check things out, they were gone.  I did not get a good look at the car, and since nothing else happened, I did not call the police again.

I am amazed at anyone trying to do anything in this neighborhood considering the events that happened last year.  I believe that this is coming in from other parts of the city.  All to say, it may be a good idea for everyone to leave their lights on at night for a while to detour the whoevers.

I did say to my husband that night, I was concerned that our quiet neighborhood is targeted for vandalism.  Keeping the car doors locked is important, keeping house locked up more important, day and night.  Thank you for keeping us informed.

Here is another email

Just letting you know that a week ago on approximately April 1st or 2nd I had some items stolen out of my company pickup while parked in the cul-de-sac on Galena Court.  Missing are a set of binoculars and folding knives and a Garmin GPS with photo capability.  I have reported the theft to the Missoula Police.

I am meticulous about locking my vehicles when parked outside but there is no sign of forced entry.  Either I accidentally pressed my key fob and inadvertently unlocked the pickup or the perpetrator had some kind of specialized tool.

Anyway, thought you should know and remind everyone to lock their vehicles.

Dede was shot on April 27, 2014 while 'garage-hopping' in the Kaarma's garage. Markus Kaarma is now serving a 70  year sentence in the Montana State Prison.