(Update 3/30/15 - This article was published back on February 22nd of 2013. In honor of tonight's Comedy Central Roast we thought it would be fun to bring back the funny connection between Missoula and the Biebs. Enjoy!) 

After scrolling through my Twitter feed today, I could not help but notice people absolutely losing their freaking prepubescent minds as they retweeted, supposedly confirmed reports, of the pop star Justin Bieber making tracks towards Missoula. Huh? Seriously? Well, yes. Sort of...

None of this made any sense to us here at Zoo FM. For starters, the odds of US not knowing about this before others was our first red flag that this might be bogus. But after doing some further investigating (drilling down into the @justinbieber timeline, yup we are a sleuth-y bunch) we learned that he is currently in Manchester, England on his world tour.

So how can Bieber be in two places at once?

Here is the answer, and reason for all of the confusion..

Screenshot of www.missoulabars.co.uk, the official website of Missoula bars located in England. Who knew?!?

As it turns out, there is a chain of nightclubs in the UK named "Missoula," and one that just so happens to be near Manchester, England!! Ahhh. Now we know.

So, before you jump into your car and go on a wild goose chase in hopes of spotting the Biebs around our little town, good luck. You won't find him here, probably not ever. Sorry to break your hearts. And please, don't cut yourself.

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