Don’t feel like going to happy hour with friends after a stressful day of work? Hate drinking alone? Well I have a new plan in mind: drink wine with your cat! Now I can savor my favorite evening alcoholic beverage with my favorite four-legged friends… Introducing wine for cats, called Nyan Nyan Nouveau (it means ‘meow meow’ but I’m also told it can mean two people doing the dirty… IDK I don’t speak Japanese!)

Anyway, this new wine is non-alcoholic (there’s catnip inside.) And if you’ve ever seen a cat with a fresh batch of catnip, then you know it’s the equivalent of last call in some local bars and watching the young 20 some things stagger to the drunk bus (U-Dash.)

This new ‘wine’ would only increase my chances of friends and family thinking I’m ‘weird.’

Sometimes, while I’m walking through the aisles of our local Wal-Mart, cart full of 60 pound bag of dry cat food and a large barrel of kitty litter, I feel like I’m being scrutinized… I must be a crazy cat lady… I have two cats I adopted from the Las Vegas Humane Society, and a dog… But you know the stereotypical ‘crazy cat lady’ ideals have to be flying around people heads when they see me pushing around a cart filled with a hundred pounds of cat care items!

If you’re able to get your hands on one of the one thousand bottles produced by the Japanese company, let me know your cat’s review of the new beverage.