Judge Karen Orzech disagreed with Deputy Missoula County Attorney Matt Jennings during Monday's Justice Court appearance by a man accused of beating up a three year-old girl... doubling his bail.

According to court records, Nicholas Hopfner, 25, allegedly struck the child with his fists giving her two black eyes, along with a discoloration of her forehead and nickel-sized bruises on her left forearm and upper right arm. He was charged with felony assault on a minor.

Records indicate that Hopfner allegedly lied to police, claiming that he was in Washington state when the victim's injuries occurred on January 21, however, text messages on Hopfner's phone confirmed that he was in Missoula at the time.

Jennings asked Judge Orzech for bail of $10,000, however, she disagreed.

"Due to the serious nature of the crime," Judge Orzech said. "I'm setting bail for the defendant at $20,000, and he is prohibited from having any contact with the victim, her five year-old sister or the victim's mother."

Hopfner appeared via video from the Missoula County Jail wearing a special garment meant to prevent him from injuring himself.

Judge Orzech set Hopfner's next court appearance for February 9.