Monday afternoon's opening day of the Jordan Johnson trial was capped off with the defense giving its opening statements.

In the 40-minute long delivery, Johnson's defense told those in the courtroom of the normal life he was leading prior to being charged with sexual assault.

Additionally, the defense detailed that in cases where the state is making the rape charges, they must prove that the victim did not want to have sex and that the act was forced about him or her.

The defense explained that they will give evidence that the sexual intercourse was encouraged by the alleged victim and that she did not try to stop Johnson. Kirsten Pabst, with the defense, described the night in question's sequence of events. She said the pair watched a movie for about 20 minutes before the alleged victim began kissing Johnson. She explained that both were aroused and both were not wearing their shirts. Johnson took off the alleged victim's pants and asked her about a condom. The two began having sex, changed positions and afterwards Johnson felt that her general message was playful. Pabst said Johnson was clueless about her feeling that she had been sexually assaulted.

Pabst went on to say that if the alleged victim would have asked him to stop that he would have. Adding that what the woman wanted was a relationship with the star quarterback of the football team.

Pabst also noted that the accusations made about Johnson raping the victim came around the same time as other rape allegations and investigations were being made in the university community.

The defense wrapped up by asking the jury to hear both sides of the story, and to keep in mind that "no means no, and yes means yes."