What it takes to save a soul: A few taps at a piano, a couple guitar-strums and JoJo's silencing voice.

The tringle singer, who released a video for new single "Save My Soul" earlier this month, has scaled the song back into a stirring, acoustic set that People premiered earlier today (January 22). Where the studio version's souped-up production fires off like a series of cannonades, the broken down rendition above is calmer and more even, but equally as powerful.

The song, which speaks directly to JoJo's experience watching loved ones suffer through addiction (her father died in November 2015 after a struggle), is for anyone who's facing down demons, she says at the top of the clip.

"I grew up seeing addiction very close to me — both my parents have struggled with it. So as a kid, you don't kinda know when the bottom is going to fall through or what's gonna happen next," she says. "That's what it's all about. To me, it's like the addict singing to whatever it is they feel powerless to."

And if you're into "Save My Soul," there's more of that to come from her next album — her first in eight years — she told Billboard. "It's just about finding the right blend I love," she said.

Check out the performance above, and tell us what you think.

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